Cornix Points
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Cornix point are equivalent to $1 US each and can be used to purchase any subscription.

To get your unique referral link, navigate to the Cornix Trading Bot > Main Menu > Referral.

From there, you can also track how many people have joined or purchased a subscription using your link.

Our referral program will allow you to accumulate Cornix points by inviting your friends to join Cornix. When the friend you invited registers for a Cornix account and purchases a subscription, you’ll receive Cornix points equivalent to 20% of the USD subscription value.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points to cover a full subscription cost, you’ll be able to convert your points into any plan you want. To do so, go to the Cornix Trading Bot > Main Menu > Referral > Convert Points.

Please note, you can only convert points if you have enough for entire plan cost.

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