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How to Create API Keys - ByBit Futures
How to Create API Keys - ByBit Futures

How to Create API Keys for ByBit Futures

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We highly recommend using our ByBit Quick Connect for seamless integration with just one click and no hassle. This integration requires you to connect to your ByBit account and will create your API key automatically with the required permissions (including for a Unified Trading Account).

For manual API creation, follow these steps:

Please note: connecting a ByBit UTA (Unified Trading Account) will require additional permissions as detailed at the end of this article.

Start by clicking your user icon, then enter the API section:

Under the API management, click the "Create New Key" button on the left bottom corner of the screen:

Choose the "Connect to Third-Party Applications" option and use the dropdown to select Cornix:

Proceed to set up the API connection permissions under the "API permissions (check all that apply)" section. Select the "Read-Write" option, then tick the "Orders" and "Positions" checkboxes under Contracts:

And click "Submit":

You will be requested to insert your google 2FA code:

Then copy the keys to the bot:

After making sure everything is set properly, click the "understood" button:

You are all set!

ByBit UTA (Unified Trading Account) additional permissions required:


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