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Getting Started with Auto-Trading (Discord)
Getting Started with Auto-Trading (Discord)

Simple Steps to Enable Auto-Trading via Discord Signals Channel

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Auto-trading will automatically create trades based on signals that are published in a channel that you are a member of.

To start auto-trading, you will need to create a Cornix Client which will allow Cornix to trade on your behalf. Once you created your Client, you will be able to connect the Client to signal channels. Once the Client is connected to the channel, Cornix will detect every signal that is posted in the channel and will create trades for you in the exchange account that corresponds to the Client.

For more information about how to create Clients please visit our Account (Clients) section.

Join a Cornix Supported Discord Channel

To enable auto-trade for a Discord signals channel, you will first need to join a Discord channel. Please note that the channel must be supported by Cornix in order for you to be able to connect it to a Client for auto-trading. If you are already a member of a Discord channel that supports Cornix, you can follow to steps for enabling auto-trading:

Step 1: Connect Cornix Telegram Bot To Discord

Click the 'Connect to Discord' button on the bot's main menu and follow the instructions:

  1. Copy the text line which you are asked to send later to the bot.

  2. Click the 'Take Me to Discord!' button which will direct you to Cornix Trading Bot on Discord.

  3. Click the 'send message' button and then paste the copied text and send it to the bot.

Your Discord is now connected. You can go back to the bot and activate the auto-trading with your Discord channels.

Please note that in order to enable the bot to connect, make sure the "Allow direct messages from server members" is enabled under your Privacy & Safety settings.

Step 2: Enable Auto-Trading

You will now need to enable auto-trading by selecting one of your Cornix Clients and a Discord channel. This will connect the selected Client with the Discord channel so signals that are posted in the channel will turn into your trades automatically.

Navigate to the bot's Main Menu, click on the "Auto Trading" button, choose a client and click

"Connect a Channel", now you can choose out of the Discord channels that you are a member in and supports Cornix the desired channel to connect for auto-trading by clicking "Enable".

Please note that you can connect multiple channels to the same Client with auto-trading. For more information about how to enable auto-trading visit this article.

Now Just Wait for Signals to be posted and Trades will be created automatically

Cornix automatically reads all messages sent in all supported channels and when a signal message is detected, a signal will be created in the Cornix system. Once the signal is created in the Cornix system, trades will be created automatically for users who have a client connected with auto-trading to the channel where the signal was posted.

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