Leverage configuration:

Main Menu > Bot Configuration > Trading > client name > Margin > Leverage

You can choose your desired margin type (isolated/cross) and leverage level for each symbol that is available on the client's exchange. In some of the exchanges, the leverage level is set the same for all symbols.

You can configure and check your leverage configuration for each symbol by entering the main menu and clicking the following:

Bot Configuration > Trading > choose your client > Margin > Leverage > choose a specific symbol to see your current leverage settings for this symbol or configure it:


By choosing "All Symbols" you will be able to configure all pairs at once. When using this option, the maximum leverage will be X20. If you wish to set more than X20 you'll have to set it by choosing a specific symbol and choosing the desired leverage level which is available for that symbol.

Please make sure to click "switch to personal configuration" in order to override the signal's leverage.

Read more about leverage: Margin Trading

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