Default Stop-Loss
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Default Stop configuration:

Main Menu > Bot Configuration > Trading > client name > Stop > Default Stop-Loss

Default stop percentage will determine how much percent to set your default stop below the *weighted average entry price.

For example, let's assume you chose default stop of 10% and you've got the following signal:

1: 8500 (20%)
2: 8000 (80%)

Take Profit:
1: 9500 (100%)

First, notice that the weighted average entry price is 8100 (8000*80% + 8500*20%). We chose 10% as the default stop and therefore the stop that will be created for us will be at price 7290 (8100-10%).

Please note that for automated trades with leverage, the bot will automatically divide the default stop-loss percentage by the trade's leverage to keep your effective stop-loss percentage (learn more on the Automated Configuration Leverage Adjustment).

* Weighted average is a calculation that takes into account the varying degrees of importance of the numbers in a data set. In calculating a weighted average, each number in the data set is multiplied by a predetermined weight before the final calculation is made.

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