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Override Mechanism
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The Override mechanism allows you to choose which configuration between your personal configuration and the signal or Telegram channel configuration will take priority when trades are created on your behalf using Auto-Trading and One-Click Follow.

For a video tutorial about the Override mechanism, watch the following:

When the override flag is not set for a configuration parameter, Cornix will use the following fallback order to determine which value to use for the parameter when creating trades for you automatically:

  1. Signal configuration

  2. Telegram channel configuration

  3. Personal trading configuration

This means that Cornix will first try to use the configuration parameter value that is included with the posted signal or in the Telegram channel configuration. In this case, your personal configuration will only be used if the signal and the channel configuration don't include a value for the parameter.

On the other hand, if the override flag is set for a configuration parameter, then Cornix will always use the parameter value from your trading configuration, hence overriding the signal configuration.

Checking Current Override Status

To check if the override is already set for a configuration item start by visiting:

Main Menu -> Bot Configuration -> Trading -> client name

Proceed to look at the configuration overview at the top. In the overview, for each configuration parameter you will see the current parameter value and next to it in parenthesis either "(Override: No)" or "(Override: Yes)".


Figure 1: Personal trading configuration override values

As explained before, if override is set to Yes it means that the value from your personal configuration will always be used. Otherwise, if the override is set to No, the value from the signal and channel configurations will be used if it exists.

Setting the Override Value

To set the override for a configuration item start by visiting:

Main Menu -> Bot Configuration -> Trading -> client name

Proceed to select the configuration parameter you wish to edit. For example, if you wish to set the override for the Trailing Entry, select the Trailing option and proceed to select the Entry option.

When viewing a specific configuration parameter, you should see one of two buttons on the bottom:

If you see a button with the text "Switch to personal configuration" it means that the override value is currently set to No.


Figure 2: Override is currently set to No

After selecting the "Switch to personal configuration" option, the text should now change to "Switch to signal's configuration". This will confirm the change was done successfully and the override is now set to Yes.


Figure 3: Override is currently set to Yes

You can also visit the configuration overview once again where you should now see that the override value for the modified parameter.

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