Trailing Entry
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Trailing Entry configuration:

Main Menu > Bot Configuration > Trading > client name > Trailing > Entry

The Trailing Entry (Trailing Buy) is very similar to the trailing take-profit.
This type of trailing will be activated once an entry order reaches the order price.
When that happens, instead of executing the entry order as a regular limit order, the bot will create a trailing order that will trail above the minimum price that is reached by the specified percentage.

Just like in the case of a regular stop order, once the price of the coin increases to the
trailing price, then the coins will be purchased.
Please note that in some cases the next entry target can be reached while a trailing entry order is already active. When this happens, instead of creating a new trailing entry order the bot will merge the amount that should have been purchased in the new target with the existing trailing entry order that is already active.

* You can select to disable the trailing entry by clicking the Without option, or selecting a percentage for the trailing entry by clicking the Percent button, and then selecting your desired percentage.

Please note that for automated trades with leverage, the bot will automatically divide the trailing percentage by the trade's leverage to keep your effective trailing percentage (learn more on the Automated Configuration Leverage Adjustment).

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