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The free text trade creation method allows you to provide the vast majority of the trade details using a single message when creating a trade using the Telegram Bot or our Mobile App.

The purpose of this feature is to save you a significant amount of time by allowing you to provide most of the trade details in one go instead of having to define them one by one. In addition, since the free text parser handles most common trades and signals formats, you will be able to use this feature to create trades manually based on signals from any group, even ones that are not officially supported by Cornix.

Below is the simplest form of a free text message for a trade and signal that includes leverage. For non leverage signals the leverage line can be omitted.


Figure 1 : Sample Trade/Signal

As you can see, the message can include trade details which include:

  • Symbol

  • Entry targets

  • Take-Profit targets

  • Stop targets

  • Leverage

  • Trade type (Regular or Breakout)

  • Short/Long

Please note that the message format currently does not support the ratios for each target and trailing information. These trade parameters will be filled in automatically using your selected client configuration (and you will have a chance to edit them before the trade is created).

The following is a comprehensive list of guidelines when creating a free text message:

  • Always have a full coin pair name (BTC/USD).

  • Always have the Buy (or Entry) keyword present in the message.

  • Always have either the Sell or Stop keywords present in the message.

  • Try to avoid variations of the keywords, like S/L. Type out the word Stop instead.

  • Prices in the Satoshis range can be abbreviated and will work fine, eg. 0.00030000 can be written as 30000 (with exception of rule K).

  • Prices stated as 100-200 are seen as TWO entries. If a buy range is intended the addition of the word ‘zone’ needs to accompany the prices, eg. Buy zone 100-200.

  • Try to minimize the usage of unicode emojis like diamond, etc.

  • No need to write LONG or SHORT. Cornix will do this automatically based on the prices.

  • Leverage signals need a leverage indication, with the keyword Leverage or Lev.

  • A stop loss may not be above an entry for a long or below an entry for a short.

  • Breakout trades can be triggered by the usage of the words ‘above or below’. eg Enter above 200-100 or Enter Below 100-200. This will wait before buying.

  • Breakout trades can only have 2 prices in the entry statement as a range.

  • Multiple prices can be used in one line. They will be sorted automatically based on the trade/signal direction, eg. Buy 100 300 200 400.

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