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To close a trade, you can do one of the following:

1. Click on the "Close trade" button when expanding a trade card in the Trades page.


2. Click on the Trash icon on the top right corner of the screen while viewing one of the "General", "Timeline" or "Orders" tabs in the trade details page.


After clicking the Close button, the following confirmation message will be displayed when no entry targets were filled in the trade:


Click the Confirm button to close the trade and cancel any open orders.

In cases where some of the entry orders were filled (or existing amount was used in the trade) already have some coins available in it, the following message will be displayed:


Keep Coins - Selecting this option will close your trade and will leave any amount from the filled entries untouched in your exchange account.

Sell at Current Price - Selecting this option will close your trade and will sell all existing trade coins using a market order.

Proceed to click the Confirm button to close the trade. You should receive a notification that your trade was closed successfully, and the trade should be removed from the trades list in the Trades section of the app.

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