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In the Trades section, you can view and manage all your open and closed trades across different exchanges and sources in one place.

You can also track the historic timeline of each trade and check out details information like risk/reward ratios.


* Continue reading the following article in this section and see which details you have about each trade.

Note that you can use the following accessorizes for your convenience:


You can click on the magnifying glass icon to search for a trade you are interested in.


The prices on the app are displayed in USD by default. Clicking on the Bitcoin icon will convert all prices in the current page to BTC.

In the trades section, you can filter the results by amount type, trade status, exchanges and accounts.


Click on the filters icon at the top right corner and use the suggested filters in order to see the most relevant results for you.


The Amount Type filter allows you choose to display only the amount that currently invested. The total allocated amount is displayed by default.

The Trade Status filter allows you to display your closed trades. Your open trades are displayed by default.

The Exchanges filter allows you to choose which exchanges you want to display. All exchanges that you have connected to Cornix will be displayed by default.

The Accounts filter allows you to choose which accounts you want to display. All accounts that you have created will be displayed by default.

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