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When you click on one of the groups, you will be taken to a page about this group.


Let's click on Cornix and see what we have:


At the top of the page, you can see the group pricing for month and the number of subscribers in this group.
You can slide between the tabs below and see an overview, reviews and metrics.

The Overview tab includes detailed information about the group: description, supported exchanges, top 5 signals in the last month and contact info.


In the Reviews tab, you can see the group subscribers reviews including comments and rate. You can also add your own review about a channel you subscribe to. Take the time and let your fellow users know what you think right away and help your favorite channel grow to its full potential!


In the Metrics tab, you can see different metrics about the group performance in different time duration, from the last week till the last year and what in between. You can see how many long and short signals the admin published, the leverage that was used in isolated and cross margin signals, the time the signal remained open and the risk reward.

If you find this group matching to your desires, click on the Join group button!

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