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The Exchanges tab shows you the distribution of your funds across the exchanges.

In this screen, you can see how much funds you have in each exchange, the percentage from the total amount and the balance change in the last 24 hours.

In the following example, the user can see the 5 exchanges that he has connected to Cornix on one page and see the amount he has in each exchange. It's really convenient when you have so many accounts in different exchanges!

*On the pie chart you will see only the top 3 exchanges.


When you click on one of the exchanges, you will be taken to a page about this exchange.

Let's click on Binance and see what we have:


This page includes 4 tabs related to the selected exchange: General, Coins, Trades and Accounts.


The General tab shows you your current balance on the selected exchange and your portfolio change in different time duration, from the last day till the last year and what in between. In this tab you also have details about the exchange such as website URL and associated locations.

The Coins tab shows you a list of your coins on the selected exchange.

The Trades tab shows you your open trades on this exchange.

The Accounts tab shows you a list of your accounts on this exchange.

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