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How to add the Cornix Trading Bot to your Discord Channel and integrate with Cornix
How to add the Cornix Trading Bot to your Discord Channel and integrate with Cornix

Simple Steps for Admins to Connect Cornix Trading Bot to a Discord Channel

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Please Note:

  1. In order to activate the bot or later publish signals successfully on the channel, one must be the server creator or have 'Administrator' or 'Manage Messages' server permissions.

  2. In order to enable the bot to connect, make sure the "Allow direct messages from server members" is enabled under your Privacy & Safety settings on your User Settings.

Step 1: Connect the Cornix Trading Bot to Your Discord Server

Click the following invitation link to connect Cornix Trading Bot to your Discord server. After clicking the link and being forwarded to Discord, choose the server you wish to connect the bot to. The permissions the bot needs will be set up automatically, just click on the 'Authorize' button and the bot will join your server's channels.

Step 2: Activate the Bot and Enable Auto-Trading

To activate the bot on the desired channel type /activate on the text box of the channel. This will activate the signal parsing and the auto trading functionalities in your channel and the following message will be received:

From now on, each valid signal that will be posted in your channel can be easily followed by your channel subscribers by using Cornix’s auto-trading functionality (trades would open fully automatically) or manually by the “follow signal” button that will appear under each new signal.

Cornix will also monitor the signals, send updates in the channel when the prices mentioned in the signals were reached on the exchanges, and display the signal's ROI for the respective targets.

Step 3: Link Your Telegram User with Discord

Click the 'Connect to Discord' button on the bot's main menu and follow the instructions:

  1. Copy the text line which you are asked to send later to the bot.

  2. Click the 'Take Me to Discord!' button which will direct you to Cornix Trading Bot on Discord.

  3. Click the 'send message' button and then paste the copied text and send it to the bot.

Woo Hoo!! Now your Discord channel will be visible on your Telegram bot's admin panel.

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