The channel configuration is probably the single most important part of any channel setup. This is where the instruction will come from on what the admin intends for the signal to do, like trailing, entry, and take profit strategy. To access the channel configuration screen, navigate to your admin panel and click on the Trading Configuration button. You will be met with the following screen (figure 1).

Go to Admin Panel > Groups > Choose the desired group > Trading configuration > Choose between Leverage\Non-leverage Exchanges:


Figure 1: Channel Configuration Selection

These both have the same contents inside but are intended to have separate setups if the channel is posting both leverage and non-leverage signals. For this example, we will be using the contents of the Leverage exchanges button. You will be met with the screen as per figure 2.


Figure 2: Channel Configuration

The default settings for all new channels are set to the User’s personal configuration. This means that each user receiving the signals will open their trades based on the user's personal trading configuration in their own local bots. The admin has the ability though, to select whichever strategy they want in the above screen, and that will be pushed to users instead. For example having a specific type of stop-loss trailing or a certain entry strategy that utilizes the increasing exponential strategy.

User's Personal Configuration

For the intent and purposes of this document, we will not be going into any detail on the user's personal specific configuration options, but they can be easily accessed via the Configuration section. Below is an image of the default personal user configuration. Override: No will use the channel's configuration if it was set. If the admin has not specified anything, it will use the parameters set on the user's personal configuration.


"Override: Yes" will ignore the signal instruction and override it in the specific configuration lines (but still use the pricing info). For a user to make his configuration overrides the channel's configuration (Override: Yes), he will need to click the "Switch to personal configuration" button on his bot's personal trading configuration after setting the desired parameter.

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