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Posting signals on your channel can be done in one of two ways:

1) Pasting the raw signal text directly into your channel text space (Easier).

2) Using the 'Signals' > 'Publish' feature (More Powerful).

Please note that it is possible to publish up to 7 signals in a one-minute time frame.

1) Posting Raw Text

The quickest and easiest way to post a signal will be to drop the text right into your channel chat space. The format needs to be correct though else the bot will not be able to read it.

Typical format rules include:


  • Always have a full coin pair name (for example BTC/USD).

  • Always have the Buy or Entry keyword present in the message.

  • Always have either the Sell or Stop keywords present in the message.

  • For Take Profit targets you can use either of the following: Take Profit, Sell, Target
    or TP.

  • A stop loss may not be above an entry for a long or below an entry for a short.

  • No need to write LONG or SHORT. Cornix will do this automatically based on the prices.

  • Try to avoid variations of the keywords, like S/L. Type out the word Stop instead.

  • Try to minimize the usage of unicode emojis like a diamond, etc.


  • Prices in the Satoshis range can be abbreviated and will work fine, eg. 0.00030000 can be written as 30000 or 30K.

  • Prices stated as 100-200 are seen as TWO entries. If a buy range is intended the addition of the word ‘zone’ needs to accompany the prices, eg. Buy zone 100-200.

  • Multiple prices can be used in one line. They will be sorted automatically based on the trade/signal direction, eg. Buy 100 300 200 400.

Breakout Signals:

  • Breakout trades can be triggered by the usage of the words 'above' (for long) or 'below' (for short). eg Enter above 200-100 or Enter Below 100-200. This will wait before buying.

  • Breakout trades can only have up to 2 prices as entries.

Leveraged Signals:

  • Leverage signals need a leverage indication, with the keyword Leverage or Lev and then the desired leverage level, for example, Cross 20X.

  • If you wish to open a leveraged signal without specifying the leverage level you can mention the names of the leveraged exchanges, for example: "Exchanges: Bybit USDT, Binance Futures".

Below is the simplest form of a signal (leverage in this example). For non-leverage signals, the leverage line can be omitted:


This method is by far the quickest way to paste a signal but also has its limitations.

Some of these limitations include: No indication of intended ratio usage, risk allocation text is ignored, and any trailing text added is ignored.

Upon posting of a signal that is accepted it will immediately be transformed into the same message, but with the Follow Signal and One-Click Follow buttons added (the latter depending on step 4). The follow signal button can be used by the members of the Beginner package and up to follow signals manually if they wish to control their own signal openings.


2) Using the Signals > Publish feature

The signals > publish feature can be accessed from the bot main menu, under the Signals section, then selecting publish. This will give you two options: Guided and Free Text. The Guided section is much like a wizard that will guide you step by step through the signal you want to create and then finally ask you to change the prices, and after which post it to the channel.


Selecting the alternate option ‘Free Text’ puts you in the same position as if you were going to use the raw signal posting option in the channel, but with one major difference. Once you have posted your intended raw signal text, the bot will then follow up with a bunch of questions on how you want the signal constructed in terms of trailing on the entries, targets, and stop-loss, the intended risk usage as well as if ratios should be posted or not, as well as if the signal should stay open if the first target is hit until the buy area is reached.


After a signal has been set up and accepted it will finally be posted to the channel and will look something similar to the below.


Note: Only via the publish feature does the admin gain more advanced control of the signal. These are also clearly distinguishable by the addition of the ‘published by’ text and the admin name.

Close the signal on Take Profit\SL before entry:

  1. When a signal is published directly in the channel, there is a dynamic “Close Trade on Take Profit\SL before Entry” mechanism:

    1. If the signal was posted when the current market price is above the price of the first TP minus 0.5%, we assume this signal was created for the future and we won’t close it if reached Take Profit\SL before Entry.

    2. If the signal was posted when the current market price is below the price of the first TP minus 0.5% then we will close it on Take Profit\SL before Entry.

  2. When a signal is published through the bot, both free text and guided method, the admin will be asked if he wants to start tracking the signal right now or when reaching the entry:

    1. "Start tracking the signal right now" option will close the trade on Take Profit\SL before entry.

    2. "Start tracking the signal when reaching the entry” option will not close the trade on Take Profit\SL before entry.

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