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Unlocking the channel Admin Panel
Unlocking the channel Admin Panel
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This step enables you to unlock the Admin Panel where you will be spending most of your time toying with the signals on the Cornix system that you have posted. Usually, around this time a new admin has already registered their personal copy of the bot and started up the main interface, but if not then search for the bot inside telegram under ‘@cornix_trading_bot’ and then open up a conversation with the bot itself. Click on START to the bottom of the bot window and finish up the quick registration process. You will notice there are two steps to get through to unlock the main interface. Once you have completed the steps as indicated on the menu screens you will see the main interface window. Look for Bot Configuration. Click the button then click on Channels, then Connect a Channel to Bot. NOT Join Channel.
* Your new channel name should pop up as an option to click on (see figure 1 below). Click on your channel name button.


Figure 1: Connecting to your new channel

Once this has been successfully completed wait for approx. 10 minutes then do a bot refresh by typing /start into the bot message box window. The bot scans all channels and new members every 5-10 minutes. This is also important to know for new members that are joining. If successful you will now see the Admin Panel button on your main menu (See figure 2).


Figure 2: Admin Panel is present

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