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Any active signal can be edited by the signal channel administrator and it will then be pushed to the users as well, given they have not opened the signal using the "Follow Signal" or "One-Click Follow" buttons.

To edit a signal, navigate to the signals section of the admin panel. This time we will look at a signal that has already hit its target (figure 1). Notice the green tick mark.


Figure 1: Open Signal with entry hit

This time around the administrator can click on the Edit button. This will bring up the edit signal follow-up screen.

When clicking either of the buttons the next screen is where the editing occurs (figure 2).


Figure 2: Signal Editing

Procedure :

  • Copy the original signal as given on the screen that comes up. From the first lightning bolt down until the end of the stop-loss price.

  • Paste the signal in the text box below and change any prices that are needed. In the above example, we edited the stop loss from 8800 to 8500.

  • Submit (enter).

If the signal edit was successful then you will be met with a screen like the one below (figure 3).


Figure 3: Signal Edit Success

The channel will also be met with an update screen much like the one below, with the new signal information. (Figure 4)


Figure 4: Signal Edit Success

It's important to note that there are also certain rules that apply when editing a signal that is already in progress. Some of the main things that will NOT be accepted are:

a) Adding of additional entries after a take profit target has been hit already
b) Changing of the stop loss to be above or below the entry price, depending on long or short respectively.

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