Cornix Signals VS Trades
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A signal is the channel's recommendation for which targets should be used to buy (entry targets) and sell (take-profit targets) a certain cryptocurrency. The signal can be based on multiple factors such as technical analysis, the latest news and rumors, and the market's situation. The signal is posted on the channel and is theoretical.

Cornix supported signals can be followed, either manually by using one of the "follow" buttons on our platform or by enabling auto-trading for the channel whose signals you wish to follow. Following a signal means that a trade with the signal's details will be created for you on your connected account. The signal may be published with additional advanced trading settings such as a stop-loss limit order, trailing conditional orders, and others.


Trade is the actual array of orders that will be placed for you on the exchange. A trade usually consists of entries, take profits, and stop-loss orders. Those orders are the instructions to be executed on the exchange that are managed by the Cornix bot.
Cornix supports setting a trade independently (manually) or based on a signal (both automatically or by clicking the follow button on any of our platforms).

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