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View and Monitor your DCA Bots
View and Monitor your DCA Bots
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View and monitor your bots and their results

To view your current bots, please navigate to the "My Bots" page under the DCA section. On the top of the screen, you will see the total number of closed trades that were opened by your bots and their accumulated profit.

Below you will be able to view any of your bots' details and perform a variety of actions.

On each bot you will see its general information, the number of closed trades and its total profit or loss. You will also see the last entry filled and the next entry, stop and take profit orders.

By clicking on a bot with an active open trade, you will open the active trade timeline where you can see the trade orders and additional information. Moving to the General tab will display the bot's general information.

On the menu on the top right corner of each bot, you can see its current open trade by clicking the “view active trade” button and view all of the bot’s closed trades by using the “View Closed Trades”, which will direct you to the closed trades section while automatically filtering the relevant bot. You can also edit, duplicate, activate and deactivate the bot, delete it and generate a sharable link using the share feature to let your friend use your successful bots.

* Please note that manually closing trade will disable the bot that the trade was based on.

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