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Cornix Smart DCA Bots

Smart DCA Bot – What is it and How it Works

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What is DCA?

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment (buying) strategy that divides the total amount to be invested across purchases in order to lower the purchasing cost and reduce the impact of volatility on the overall investment.

A basic DCA strategy can be set up to purchase in accordance with predetermined time intervals, regardless of the price change (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

How can DCA benefit you?

Let's see how it works:

One-time investment VS Basic DCA strategy:

You have $3,000 to invest.

The current price is $22.

One-time investment:

If you decided to invest all of your money at the beginning, you would have bought 136.36 coins\contracts at a price of $22 per unit ($22 X 136.36 = $3,000).

Basic DCA strategy:

In order to mitigate your risk, you decide to use a DCA strategy and invest $500 each month for 6 months (a total of $3,000) and the prices of each entry are $22, $15, $12, $25, $20 and $18.

You will buy 160.711 coins\contracts at an average price of $18.667 (About 15% less than the price you would have paid for purchasing all in a one-time investment).

One Time Investment

DCA Strategy

How can DCA benefit you?

Number of Units (coins\contracts)



18% ⬆️ assets

Average Price



15% ⬇️ price

More advanced strategies, such as Cornix DCA smart bots, will combine more variables, such as investing more as the price decreases and selling when the price increases.

How can Cornix Smart DCA Bots benefit you?

Cornix smart DCA Bots will not buy in accordance with pre-defined time intervals but will buy and sell based on advanced multiple optional configurations, designed to get the maximum out of the market.

Cornix smart DCA bots will start buying at market price and then will keep on purchasing as the price decreases. The bot will sell at a profit when the price increases, or in loss if the stop-loss was reached and will start a new trading cycle every time a trade is closed (reached take profit or stop-loss).

Using the same numbers as in the example above:

The bot will purchase at a market price of $22 and will continue to purchase as long as the price decreases (below the market entry price), in our example at $15 and $12, and when the price increases to $25 the bot will sell.

A new purchase will start at $25, then continues as the price decreases to $20, and $18, and the bot will sell when the price increases again.

As long as a DCA bot is active, it will always have one open trade (excluding cooldown time). Each time a trade is closed (hits a take-profit or stop-loss target), a new trade will be created automatically with the bot's configurations (unless configured otherwise on the advanced settings).

Why use Cornix Smart DCA Bots?

  • Start using it easily as you can copy public anonymized bots without prior knowledge required

  • Advanced configuration options for advanced traders

  • Save your time by set and forget

  • Profit the most from volatile markets automatically

  • Mitigate your risk by using our advanced configuration options

  • 24/7 support

  • Avoid FOMO

How to Get Started with Cornix DCA bots?

You can easily Copy Public DCA Bots created by others and let them do the heavy lifting for you or you can Create your own DCA Bot (for advanced traders).

You can start today with our 14 days of free trial to test out our smart DCA trading bots. Register here, no card info is needed.

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