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How to Create API Keys
How to Create API Keys - ByBit - Unified Margin Account
How to Create API Keys - ByBit - Unified Margin Account

How to integrate a Unified Margin Account with Cornix

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If you migrated your main account to the Unified Margin Account/Unified Trading Account on Bybit you can still create API keys to connect with Cornix by creating a 'Subaccount' following these steps:

*Please note - Do not upgrade your subaccount to a UTA(Unified Trading Account). If you do so you will not be able to integrate your subaccount with Cornix.

Start by clicking your user icon, then enter the 'Subaccount' section:

Proceed to click the 'Create Subaccount' button.

Choose 'Standard Subaccount'.

Next, choose a 'Username' and click 'Confirm'.

You will then have the option to Manage your API permissions by clicking 'API Management'.

Tap on 'Create New Key'.

Choose the "Connect to Third-Party Applications" option and use the dropdown to select Cornix. In addition, proceed to set up the API connection permissions under the "API Key Permissions" section. Select the "Read-Write" option, then tick the "Orders", and "Positions" checkboxes.

After which, click 'Submit'.

You will then be requested to insert your google 2FA code:

Then copy the keys to the bot:

After making sure everything is set properly, click the "understood" button:

Go back to your 'Subaccounts' and click on 'Transfer Asset'.

You can then transfer the funds from your 'Unified Margin' account to the 'Subaccount' you created :)

You are all set!

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