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DCA Bot on the App

How to create your own DCA bot on the Cornix app

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To create a new DCA bot in the Cornix app, navigate to the 'Bots' section and press the plus button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Creating a new bot is comprised of 5 Steps:

  1. General: Set your bot's general basic settings, such as its name, symbol, exchange, amount per trade, and direction and leverage for futures exchanges.

  2. Entries: Set your entry strategy, including the number of orders, their price, and their size.

  3. Take-Profit: Set your take-profit order to realize your earnings.

  4. Stop: Mitigate your risk by setting a stop-loss order and other stop settings.

  5. Advanced: Set a cooldown time and the number of trades until the bot stops.

At the bottom of the screen, there are three buttons: 'Previous', 'Next', and 'Review'.

The 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons allow you to scroll between the 5 steps. The third button - 'Review' allows you to see the currently available amount of the coin which is relevant to the bot you are creating, and a dynamic summary of the bot's orders which updates with every change you are making while creating the bot.

For your convenience, while you set your bot, the system will warn you (in red) when something is invalid and will let you know what needs to be changed in order to create a valid bot.

Once you’re done setting up your bot correctly, you can create the bot by clicking the 'Create Bot' button at the bottom of the review screen. For your convenience, the button will be clickable only if the bot is valid.

Once you click the 'Create Bot' button a short massage will appear, with a brief explanation about the bot you’re creating and two options: 'Create' and 'Create & Activate'.

  • 'Create' - will create the bot in an inactive state and trades won't be opened until activating the bot.

  • 'Create & Activate' - will create the bot and activate it. Once the bot is activated, the first trade will be immediately opened.

As long as a DCA bot is active, it will always have one open trade (excluding cooldown time). Each time a trade is closed (hits a take-profit or stop-loss target), a new trade will be created automatically with the bot's configurations (unless configured otherwise on the advanced settings).

Copy Public DCA Bots

On the 'Bot' section go to the 'Public' tab. You can explore and view anonymized public DCA bots that were published by other Cornix users and easily copy them and let them trade for you.

On each bot, you will see its last month's profit, average monthly profit, and the total bot's profit. In order to explore the bots of your interest, use the 'Filters' on the top right side of the screen. You can filter the public bots by exchanges, symbols, direction (long\short), or their running days:

Easily copy a bot by clicking the 'Copy Bot' button on the top right of each bot.

After clicking the 'Copy Bot' button for any specific bot you will be able to change the bot's general settings such as its name, exchange account, symbol, and amount per trade, to make it suit your own needs (Learn more about the bot's general parameters) and view the bot's configuration by using the 'Show Bot Configuration' button.

Then you will be able to choose between copying the bot as it is by clicking the 'Create Bot' button or editing the bot by clicking the 'Edit Bot' button:

If you wish to make more changes by using the 'Edit Bot' button, you will be able to set and change all of the bot's parameters. Learn more on how to configure the bot in our Create your own DCA Bot article.

That's it, You're all set :)

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