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Advanced Grid Bot Settings
Advanced Grid Bot Settings

For advanced Trades

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For advanced users to set complex strategies, by clicking the "Advanced Settings button", you'll add the "Grid Type" option and uncover the "Grids" and "Stop" tabs:

By clicking the "Basic Settings" button you'll close the advanced features and get back to the basic settings options.

Grid Type:

The grid type will set the distance between the grids. You can choose between Arithmetic, Geometric, or the Custom option:

  • Arithmetic: Stands for a fixed price difference between the grids (the grids are spaced by an equal price difference). This is the default option to be used if not set otherwise.

  • Geometric: Stands for a fixed percentage price between the grids (the grids are spaced by a fixed ratio price difference).

  • Custom: This option allows you to set the parameters yourself to determine the space between the grids. When choosing this option you'll be transferred to the Grids Tab to set it as you wish.

Grids Tab:

Under this tab, you can set the following parameters to determine the distance between the grids. In addition, you can set the amount scale to change the amount to be bought in each grid and set the number of active orders to be placed simultaneously in the exchange:

  • Baseline (for Price Scale): will set the base grid for calculating the Price Scale between the First Grid or the Previous Grid.

  • Price Difference: will set the difference between the first grid to the second grid (which will be set to be at the first grid price minus the price difference percentage).

    For Example:

    First Grid Price = 100

    Price Difference = 1%

    The three first grids will be placed at 100, 99 (100 - 100*1%),

    and 98.01 (99 - 99*1%).

  • Price Scale: Will set the price difference multiplier from the second grid and the following grids.

    For Example:

    First Grid Price = 100

    Price Difference = 1%

    Price Scale = 2

    The three first Grids will be placed at 100, 99 (100 - 100*1%),

    and 97.02 (99 - 99*1%*2).

  • Amount Scale: will determine the multiplier between each following grid amount and will set the ratio between the grids, in terms of the amount invested in every order.

  • Number of Active Orders: will determine the total possible maximum number of active entry orders the bot will be allowed to place simultaneously on the exchange.

Stop Tab:

To add a Stop-loss order, enable the "Stop" toggle:

  • Stop-Loss Distance percent - The bot will place a stop-loss sell limit order at the percentage distance from the Stop-Loss baseline.

  • Stop-Loss baseline - First Grid, Last Grid, or average Entries.

  • Enable the Stop-Loss Timeout to set a timeout period by which to delay the closing of a trade by a stop-loss order in case you suspect the price will change again in the desired direction shortly. This is used to prevent closing a position immediately when reaching the stop-loss price when the price still fluctuates. (read more)

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