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Subscription Plan Downgrade
Subscription Plan Downgrade

How to downgrade my subscription plan?

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If you're thinking about downgrading your Cornix subscription plan, we first recommend making sure that the lower plan indeed fits your needs!

You can find the elaborated details of each plan on this link.

To downgrade your plan, you can follow these steps:

​Web Interface

On your web dashboard, navigate to your "Billing" page (Settings > Billing):

Expired Subscription

If your subscription has already expired, just click on "Purchase Subscription" and choose the new desired plan.

Active Subscription

If your subscription is still active, click on "View Plans" button and choose the new plan that you wish to switch to.

Please note that after completing the payment process your plan will be changed immediately for the remaining time of your existing subscription, and this action is irreversible.

The new duration that you have just purchased, will be added on top of the remaining subscription time so that you'll not miss a single day of your subscription (either paid or free trial).

Telegram Bot

To downgrade your subscription through the telegram bot, navigate to:
Main Menu > Subscription > Extend Subscription

There you can choose the plan you wish to downgrade to and follow the purchasing steps of the bot.

Once you choose the plan, you'll see exactly what's included in the new package, and choose the duration time for your subscription extension.

If you are not sure which plan works best for you, you can review your "Plan Usage" under the "Billing" page any time! - and you can read more about it here.

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