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Signals Bot Advanced Settings

How to set personal settings to override the signals channel settings

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The advanced settings are made for advanced users and allow you full control of the signals bot configuration. Switching back to Basic Settings will discard any changes you made in the advanced sections.

The Advanced Settings are Comprised of 5 Tabs:


Clicking the "Advanced Settings" button will add the advanced general settings and enhance the essential bot information (Signals Group, Exchange Account, and Amount Per Trade) by adding a Symbols drop-down to filter specific pairs, as well as Direction and Leverage settings, giving you greater control over the bot's preferences. Read more.


Configure your Entry strategy by choosing the 'Personal' option. Leaving a value on the channel option will adopt the signal's configuration configured by the signal channel. Read more.


Customize your Take-Profit strategy by choosing the 'Personal' option. Like with the Entries, leaving a value on the channel option will take the published signal value. Read more.


Set your "Stop-Loss" preferences by choosing either the channel's settings, or your personal preference, or opting to disable it if not desired. Read more.


Explore additional advanced options to fine-tune your trading strategy and align it with your specific preferences. Read more.

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