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Signals Bot Advanced Settings - Advanced
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Number of Simultaneous Trades

As your bot trigger may cause the bot to initialize several concurrent times this setting allows you to control the maximum number of simultaneous cycles for your trading bot.

Cooldown Between Trades per Symbol

This setting allows you to set a minimum time interval in seconds between trades opening for the same symbol.

Min Symbol Price (USD)

This parameter sets the minimum price (in USD) for symbols that the bot will engage in trades with. Trades will not be initiated by this bot for symbols priced below the value specified here.

Min Symbol 24H Volume (USD)

This parameter sets the minimum daily volume in USD (last 24 hours) for symbols that the bot will engage in trades with. Trades will not be initiated by this bot for symbols with the last 24 hours trading volume which is lowest than the value specified here.

Max Concurrent Amount (USD)

Sets the maximum total value of all active trades in USD. It limits the total amount of funds allocated to active trades at any given time by the bot.

Close Trade On TP Before Entry

As the name suggests, allows you to choose whether or not you want your trades to close when a TP or SL is reached before entering the trade (before any of the entry targets hit).

Only use if not defined by group

Selecting the "Only use if not defined by group" checkbox will enable the chosen parameter value to be used as a fallback only when the parameter is not specified by the group. If the parameter is defined in the group configuration or signal, the bot will use the value set in the group configuration.

Stop Type (Conditional orders)

A stop order consists of a stop trigger price and a subsequent Market or Limit order.

When the stop trigger price is reached, either a limit or market order is automatically placed. Stop-type orders are utilized for various scenarios, including stop-loss orders, entry orders for breakout trades, and trailing Entry/Take-Profit orders.

For exchanges that permit the use of both limit and market orders with stop-type orders, you have the flexibility to choose the order type for your bot in instances - Market or Limit. Read more.

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