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Setting your Cornix Account and Enable Auto-Trading (Web Registration)
Setting your Cornix Account and Enable Auto-Trading (Web Registration)

Web Registration

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To start the registration process from the website, click the "Register" button on our log-in page, or start a conversation directly with the bot using this link and click the "Start" button at the bottom.

If you start directly from the bot, proceed to click the "continue on our website" button. If you wish to continue your registration directly in the Telegram bot, click the "continue here" button. For more information about the registration process in the bot, please watch our dedicated tutorial for it.


Step 1: Fill Out Your Account Information

And proceed by clicking "Submit":


Step 2: Verify Your Email Address

By filling in the verification code you received in your email:


Step 3: Link Your Telegram Account

** This step is relevant only for those who started the process directly from the website and not from the bot **

If you start the registration process from the bot, you will skip the next page and will be automatically transferred to "Step 4: Validate Your Telegram Account".

If you start the process directly from the website, click the "Get UUID" button:


Then copy the "/connect_web command, go to your conversation with the bot, click start and send it to the bot:


Step 4: Validate Your Telegram Account

Make sure the account information that is displayed corresponds to your desired Telegram account and click the "get code" button:


Go back to your conversation with the Bot to copy the security code you received:


Proceed to copy the security code you received and paste it into the website. After connecting successfully to your Telegram account, let's create your first Cornix trading account.

Step 5: Create an Exchange Account

Cornix requires access to your exchange account in order to trade on your behalf. This connection between Cornix to your exchange is called an account. We will use this connection to perform a variety of actions, like fetching your portfolio information, creating and updating orders, auto-trading based on group signals, and more.

Creating an account is a simple process that involves granting Cornix permission to access your exchange account for Trading and viewing purposes only, programmatically via an API.

1. Start by selecting the exchange you wish to trade with.


2. Proceed to select a name for your new client. This name will be used to later identify your client in the bot:


3. Lastly, provide the API key and secret key that you generated in your exchange account. Cornix will use these keys to authenticate when communicating with the exchange on your behalf.

The process to generate new API keys is slightly different depending on the selected exchange. Click for more information about how to create APIs in different exchanges, or click the "How do I create an API" link below the selected exchange.

Insert the API keys and click "Create Account":


Step 6: Enable Auto-Trading by Selecting a Channel to Follow

Continue to set your auto trading by selecting a signal channel to follow. The channels displayed are the channels you are a member of or free channels that you can easily join. If you are still not ready to set your auto trading you can click the "Skip" button and set auto trading later on.

To enable auto trading, choose the desired channel to connect to. At this stage, you can choose only one channel, though you will always be able to change or add more channels later on (Learn more on How to Join a Signals Channel).

From this point forward, your Auto-Trading is enabled. Trades will be created automatically in your account whenever a new signal is posted in the channel.

It is important to make sure you have the funds needed to trade the signals that are published in the channel you are following, and that the signals support the exchange that you connected to Cornix (Learn more).

Step 7: Import Trading Configuration

Cornix allows channel admins to share their recommended trading configuration with their users. You will only be able to see this page If your selected channel has provided a shared trading configuration.

This trading configuration will customize your trades behavior and will determine parameters like the amount you will buy or sell in each target, the trailing configuration, and the default leverage that will be used for your trades. For more information about the trading configuration please watch our dedicated "Trading Configuration Overview" tutorial.

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