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Current Subscription Plan & Usage
Current Subscription Plan & Usage

My subscription, my usage and billing history

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Web Interface:

You can check your current subscription plan and your usage at any time on the
โ€‹'My Plan' page.

Here you can see your current subscription plan, your expiration date and your usage.

From this page you can easily extend or upgrade your plan.

Plan Usage

Your usage panel shows two different types of activities:

The first is your current active quota usage across Signal Trades, Auto-Trading Groups, Bots and API Keys.

The other being a graph of the number of automated signal trades opened during your subscription and, if relevant, the number of such trades that were not opened due to your 'active signal trades' quota reaching the limit during the time when new signals were published.

Billing History

You can also go to the 'Billing History' tab to view your previous subscription extensions and upgrades.

Telegram Bot

You can access your current subscription details in the Cornix Telegram Bot under:
โ€‹Main Menu - > Subscription

There you can see your current plan and your expiration date as well as easily extend or upgrade your plan.

Under the 'View Details' button you can see your current quotas and your current usage.

Understanding your usage

Active Manual Trades - The number of Manual Trades currently open created through the 'Trading Terminal' or the Mobile App.

Active Auto-Trading Groups - The number of signals groups you are currently automatically following with at least one exchange account connected.

Active Grid Bots - The number of Active Grid Bots.

Active DCA Bots - The number of Active DCA Bots.

Active TradingView Bots - The number of Active Trading View Bots.

Primary API Slots - The number of Primary API Slots currently in use (can be viewed in the accounts and groups page).

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