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How are Automated Trades Configured?
How are Automated Trades Configured?
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The configuration of your trades is a crucial aspect of the trading strategy that can have a significant impact on your trading results. The trade configuration in Cornix includes the following parameters:

  • Trade Amount - The total amount that will be used for all the trade's entry orders.

  • Entry and Take-Profit Strategies - This will determine the amount that will be bought or sold in each of the different entry and take-profit targets.

  • Trailing Configuration - Including the trailing entry, trailing take-profit, and trailing stop configuration.

  • And more...

For a deep dive into the different trading configuration parameters please visit the configuration section in our knowledge base.

We also have a video tutorial that covers the information in this article:

Where Does an Automated Trade Configuration Come From?

Where a trade is created for you automatically, Cornix has 3 places it might look for a configuration to use for the trade, which includes:

Signal configuration - When an admin posts a signal in the Telegram channel, the signal might include some or all of the following trading configuration parameters:

  • Entry and take-profit strategies (ratios)

  • Trade amount

  • Trailing configuration

  • Leverage type and value.


Figure 1: Signal posted with trading configuration

Please note that Telegram channel admins can only include the trading configuration with signals that are published via the publish feature in the Cornix bot. Signals that are posted directly in the Telegram channel (and are later parsed by Cornix) will not contain trading configuration.

Telegram channel configuration - Telegram channel admins can set a configuration that will automatically be applied to all the signals that are posted in the channel. This configuration includes the entry and take-profit strategy and the trailing configuration. The channel configuration will not be visible in the signal messages and will be applied to the signal "behind the scenes". This is unlike the signal configuration mentioned above which will be visible in the signal message.

Personal trading configuration - This is your personal configuration that can be set in the trading configuration section of the bot. Click here for more information about trading configuration.


Figure 2: Trading Configuration Section

Configuration Fallback Order

As seen above, there are 3 places Cornix might look to determine the configuration of automated trades. The configuration fallback order describes the order in which Corinx will determine which option to use.

By default, when you first create a user with Cornix and start trading automatically, the fallback order for each trading configuration parameter will be as follows:

  1. Signal configuration

  2. Telegram channel configuration

  3. Personal trading configuration

This means that Cornix will first check if the parameter is included in the signal. If the parameter is not included in the signal, then Cornix will check if it's defined in the channel configuration. Lastly, if the parameter was not defined in the channel configuration, then Cornix will determine the value for the configuration parameter based on the value that is set in your personal trading configuration.

Override mechanism

You can use the override mechanism in order to change the default configuration fallback order. When the override flag is set for a configuration parameter Cornix, the fallback order is as follows:

  1. Personal trading configuration

  2. Signal configuration

  3. Telegram channel configuration

This means that Cornix will first your personal trading configuration before looking at the signal configuration followed by the Telegram channel configuration. For more information on using the override mechanism.

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