Close Trade on Take Profit/Stop-Loss before Entry
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If the trade is opened when the price is below the first take profit (more than 0.5%) and the first take profit is reached before any entry, the bot will close the trade.

If the trade is opened when the price is above the first take profit or really close to it (0.5% below take profit), the bot will assume that it is a future trade and won't close it.

In a breakout situation, if the stop-loss is reached before any entry the bot will close the trade.

When creating a trade manually, you will be given the option to enable or disable this option according to your preference.

To choose the default behavior when creating trades using the One-Click Follow or Auto-Trading, please visit the following screen in the Telegram Bot:

Main Menu > Bot configuration > Trading > client name > General > Close Trade on Take Profit before Entry

* Note that by default this setting will be taken from the signal configuration. If you'd like to use your personal configuration instead, please make sure to set the Override value to Yes.

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