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Let's go over some of the key features and see how you can use them to reach your group's full potential and receive complete insight into your userbase!

As a group admin, our website will allow you to:

  • Invite new users to your group

  • Manage subscription expiration dates for users

  • See all unauthorized access to your group

  • And much more...

To manage your group, start by logging into the website via

Overview Page

After logging in, under 'Group Admin', >> 'My Groups' you will see an overview of the Telegram channels you can manage.

For each channel, you will see the number of users in the group, the number of unauthorized users, and the number of users whose subscription expires in the next 24 hours by clicking on the 'Manage' button. In addition, you can view the open and closed signals of your channel by clicking on the 'Signals' button (see the image above for an example).

Group Management

After clicking on 'Manage' via one of the channel cards, you will navigate to the Users tab which is located under 'Group Management'.

In the user's tab, you will see an overview of all the channel users. This is the main page where you will be able to remove users from the group, change users' expiration dates, approve users, and assign Cornix Licenses to your users.

Please note that currently, only Telegram channels will be visible here. Discord channels are not yet supported in this feature.


Now you will be able to assign acquired licenses from Cornix to your members as part of your premium package! Click here to learn more about it.

Modify Expiration Date

To modify a user's expiration date, click on the value in the 'Group Expiration' column and proceed to select a new date.


Setting an expiration date for users will allow you to identify expired users, and you will also have an option to configure your channel to automatically kick users with expired subscriptions. More on that later!

Users Statuses Overview

The status column will show you the current user status.


The following is the list of potential statuses and a short explanation about each:

  • Banned - This status will be assigned to any user that you banned manually via the website. Please note that for the status to be reflected correctly, ban the users via the website instead of banning them on Telegram.

  • Expired (Banned) - When your configuration is set to automatically kick users with expired subscriptions, all expired users who were kicked will receive this status.

  • Inactive - These are authorized users who left the channel and are therefore currently inactive.

  • Pending - These are approved users who are not in the group (including users who received an invitation to join the group but did not join the group yet). When pending users join the channel their status will change to Active.

  • Active - These are the active, authorized users in the channel.

  • Expired (In Group) - These are users whose subscriptions expired but are still in the group, usually because the configuration is not set to kick them automatically.

  • Unauthorized - These are unauthorized users who joined your channel without receiving an invitation.

Users Actions

Hover your cursor on the ellipsis at the right of each user row to show the user actions.


The actions you see might change depending on the current status of the user.


Using invitations, you will be able to invite users to your channel and assign them specific subscription durations. The invitations section will allow you to see a list of all the channel invitations and their status!


If the invitation was accepted at least once, clicking the invitation table row will expand it and show additional information about the user who accepted the invitation.


Hover over the ellipsis icon on the right of each row to show the actions dropdown.


Deactivating an invitation will prevent users from being able to accept it. For invitations that were not accepted, you will also have the option to delete the invitation.

Create Invitation

Click the Invite User button on the upper right corner of the screen to open the Create Invitation modal.


For each parameter, choose a value by clicking on a point on the slider or click on the input field and insert a custom value.


When the invitation is limited to 1 user only, you will also be able to provide a Telegram Username or Telegram ID for the invitation. This will limit the invitation so it can only be accepted by a user with the provided username or ID.


After creating the invitation, the next screen will give you an overview of the invitation details.


Proceed to copy the invitation link and send it to your users.

When users receive the link and click it, they will be redirected to a conversation with the group's bot where they will receive a link to your Telegram channel.

Channel Configuration

In the 'Configuration' tab under 'Group Management, you will be able to modify the Telegram channel configuration.

At the moment, there are 2 parameters under 'General Configuration' that you can modify which will control the default behavior for expired and unauthorized users. When the two parameters are not checked, Cornix will not kick expired unauthorized and expired users from the Telegram channel. Simply toggle the switch next to each parameter and save your changes to modify the default behavior. Below 'General Configuration', you have the option to choose when to alert your users before their channel subscription ends.

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