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This is an example of how to create a trade using the trading Terminal!

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First, let's get familiar with the Trading Terminal on the Web Dashboard:

Create a Trade:

To create a new trade navigate to the 'Trading Terminal' under the 'Trades' section, as seen in the image below (you can see a breakdown of the general trading options such as Long/Short, Amount, Regular/Breakout and etc):


  1. Choose Symbol - You can navigate and select different symbols ie BTC/USDT.

  2. Choose Exchange - You can choose the desired exchange to trade with. Follow this link to see the full list of supported exchanges.

  3. Long/Short Toggle - Toggle between Long and Short trading options.

  4. Regular/Breakout - Toggle between Regular and Breakout options.

  5. Amount options - You can choose a fixed amount to trade as seen above or choose a percent amount by scrolling the bar.

  6. Existing Amount - If you have existing coins from the trade's symbol, you will have the option to select an existing amount to use in the trade. The existing amount selected for the trade will be immediately divided between the pending take-profit targets. When adding an existing amount, you will see a new entry order with the newly added amount. The new order will be created with a fulfilled status with the text "Existing Amount" in parenthesis.

Step 1 - Choose Your Creation Method

Start by choosing your desired method to create the trade. Similar to the methods offered in the Telegram bot and the app, Cornix currently offers three methods to create a trade - Free text, Manual, and Quick-Setup.

This is what your 'Trading Terminal' will look like:

Free Text

The free text option will allow you to provide the trade details using a single message. In some cases, the free-text method might be significantly faster than the manual one, especially when creating a trade with specific target prices as opposed to spreading targets with equal distance between them in a price range. For more information about the free text trade creation method visit this article.


The Quick Setup feature will allow you to quickly create orders within a selected price range. By default, the quick setup section will use the default trading configuration of your selected account to determine the default strategy and number of targets.

Unlike the quick setup, the Manual method allows setting each order separately. Changing any value directly in an order will switch to the manual method and will disable the Quick-Setup.


Take Profits



Once you fully complete your configuration you will receive these messages:

Click the Confirm button to create the trade. You will then receive a final pop-up message as seen below:

You're all set!

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