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What are channel signal notifications?

Channel signal notifications are an alert system that provides your channel members with an in-channel message about every target your signal has reached, its potential loss/profit, and real-time updates.

Please note that the channel’s signal notifications and updates are theoretical. This means that a notification will appear when a target price is reached.

If your channel members have auto-trading enabled for your channel, they will automatically follow your signals orders and Cornix will put the orders on the exchange. However, the orders will not always get fulfilled at the same time as the notifications on the channel, this depends on the supply and demand of the order book.

For more info regarding this please visit our article Trade's results vs. Channel's results

Below is a list of the types of notifications that will be sent in your channel:

• Signal Cancelled by you (the Admin):

• Take-Profit target achieved:

• Entry Target achieved:

• All entry targets achieved:

• All Take-Profit targets achieved:

• Stoploss target achieved:

• Signal has been closed due to opposite direction Signal being opened:

• Signal has entered the Entry Zone:

• Stoploss has hit after Take-Profit:

• Trailing Stoploss has hit after Take-Profit:

• Trailing Take-Profit:

• Trailing Stoploss:

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