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My Trade's Results VS the Channel's Signal Results
My Trade's Results VS the Channel's Signal Results

Why Expect Differences Between Trades and Signals

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There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when comparing your trades to the channel’s signals on which your trade is based:

1. Why do targets hit on the channel’s signal and not on my trade? Signals updates are theoretical VS real trades that are affected by the order book supply and demand

There is an essential difference between the channel notifications for signals and real user trades.

The updates on the channel are "theoretical", when the price reaches the signal is being updated immediately.

On the trades level, it depends on the order book demand and supply - the price can reach the desired level, though not all orders will be fulfilled, some orders will be filled and some not, depending on the order book supply and demand.

2. Why should we expect to see different actual prices for filled orders than the signals prices?

As mentioned above the signal is theoretical, therefore when the price is reached, we will see the signal's original price as filled (theoretically as the signal orders weren't placed on the exchange).

For trades it’s a different story, there are actual orders placed on the exchange. Depending on the order type (market order - execute at the current market price, or limit order - set the maximum or minimum price at which you are willing to buy or sell), we will usually see a slight difference between the actual price than the original.

3. Personal Configuration

The Trading Configuration allows you to modify the default settings that will be used by when creating trades on your behalf automatically.

The Override mechanism allows you to choose which configuration between your configuration and the signal configuration will take priority. Click for more information on the override mechanism.

A trading Configuration that uses personal settings over the channel’s setting can cause differences between your trade and the channel’s signal.

4. Signal Exchanges VS Trade Exchange

A channel signal can support multiple exchanges on the same signal. Your trade will be open up based on your accounts and API connections.

As the prices differ from one exchange to another, please consider it when comparing. Each signal update on the channel will mention the related exchange or exchanges to this update, if you don’t see this update on your trade, it might be because your trade is on a different exchange than the ones just updated.

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