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How to Create a Grid Bot
How to Create a Grid Bot
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Cornix Grid Bots are designed to help traders profit by taking advantage of sideway markets price action.

To create a new Grid bot, navigate to the Grid Bots page and click the "+ Create Bot" button on the top right corner of the screen:

General Basic Configuration

You can quickly start trading by setting your bot's general basic configuration:

  • Bot Name: Give your bot an indicative name that will help you differentiate easily between your bots.

  • Account: Choose the exchange account to be connected to your bot. Please note that the account's auto trading configuration won't be applied for the bot, only the configuration set for the bot.

  • Symbol: Choose the desired symbol for your bot.

  • Price Range: Modify the price range to align with your preferred boundaries for processing buy and sell orders. On the right side of the price range, you'll observe the percentage variance between the uppermost and lowermost prices within your selected bracket.

  • Grids: Set the number of grids, with each grid representing a price level functioning as a potential buy or sell within the defined price range. Note that the lowest price grid functions solely as a buy point since there are no grids below it, and conversely, the highest price grid only serves as a selling point due to the absence of grids above it. The grids are spaced by an equal price difference (fixed) unless set otherwise under the advanced settings.

  • Amount Per Trade: Set the total potential amount to be invested in each bot and its corresponding trade (the sum of all Entry orders). You can set it by fixed BTC or USD amount or as a flat-out percentage out of your account's both available and open trades amounts of the coin/contract which you are buying with.

For Futures exchanges, set also the following parameters:

  • Direction: Set your bot's direction for long or short.

  • Margin Type: Choose the desired leverage type (isolated or cross).

  • Multiplier: Choose the leverage level.

For your convenience, while you set your bot, the system will warn you (in red) when something is invalid and will let you know what needs to be changed in order to create a valid bot.

A dynamic view of the bot's orders which updates with every change you make while creating the bot is displayed on the TradingView graph on the right.

In the box below you can view your:

  • Available Balance: The currently available amount of the coin\contract that you are buying with.

  • Bot Amount Value: The total potential amount to be invested by the bot (the sum of all Entry orders).

  • Bot Initial Amount: An estimation of the total amount to be bought when activating the bot, the sum amount of the grids set at a price that is higher than the market price when activating the bot (for a Long bot and lower than the market price for a Short bot).

Grids Summary: By clicking the Details Icon on the left bottom corner you will be able to view an estimated preview of the bot's orders (grids) and their distance from the market price when activating the bot.

"Is immediate" stands for the grids allocated above the current market price for long (or below for short), that will be bought immediately when activating the bot.

Advanced Settings: Tailored for proficient users seeking to configure complex strategies (read more).

Create Bot

Once you’re done setting up your bot correctly, you can create the bot by clicking the "Create Bot" button.

When creating the bot, you will be able to choose between "Create & Activate" or "Create Only":

  • "Create & Activate" - will create the bot and activate it. Once the bot is activated, a trade will be immediately opened.

    When opened, the bot will buy the sum amount of the grids located higher than the market price at the current market price, this amount is the bot's initial amount. The amount to be bought immediately is mentioned under the "Create & Activate" option as can be seen in the screenshot below.

  • "Create Only" - will create the bot in an inactive state and a trade won't open until activating the bot.

Upon successful creation the following notification will pop up:

You can view and monitor your bot under the Grid Bots page, as well as the bot's trades under the Trades page.

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