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How to Use Cornix Signals Bot: A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Use Cornix Signals Bot: A Step-by-Step Guide

Easily create your Signals Bot with only 2 steps

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The Signals Bot automatically replicates trades on your exchange account following signals published by expert traders in Telegram and Discord signal groups.

To start trading navigate to the signals bots section and click the "Create Bot" button on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 1: Set Up the Essentials

Signals Group and Exchange Account

Choose the Signals Group to follow with the bot and select the Exchange Account for trading. The bot's name adapts to the chosen Signals Group.

Amount Per Trade

Set the Amount Per Trade to determine the potential investment in each trade. Options include a fixed USD/BTC amount, a percentage of your account's available funds, or a Risk percentage. Read more on the Amount Per Trade options.

Additional Information

  • Signals Group Configuration:

    On the right side, by clicking the "Show Configuration" button, you can review the channel's configuration for Entry, Take-Profit, and Stop-Loss strategies. Note that group signals may have custom configurations that can override selected values.

    To set your bot to override the channel configuration to your trading preferences, use the bot's Advanced Settings as described ahead.

  • Available Balance and Bot Amount Value:

    View your available balance in the selected exchange account and the Bot's amount value.

  • Most Traded Pairs:

    The most traded pairs are the number of signals published by this channel per pair in your selected exchange account.

Step 2: Create Bot

Create the bot by clicking the "Create Bot" button on the right side. Choose between:

  • "Create & Activate": Creates and activates the bot. A trade is initiated when the channel publishes a signal.

  • "Create": Creates the bot in an inactive state; trades won't open until activation.

Advanced Settings

For advanced users, the advanced settings offer full control over the signals bot configuration. Clicking the advanced settings button adds a function to the general section and opens four additional sections. Remember, switching back to Basic Settings will discard changes made in the advanced sections. Read more on the Advanced Signals Bot Settings.

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