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Create An Account (Client) in Telegram Bot
Create An Account (Client) in Telegram Bot
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This article will describe the required steps to create a new client in the Telegram Bot.

This guide assumes that you already have a foundational understanding of what clients and API keys are. If you haven't already done so, please take the time to review the guides that explain what is an account (client) and what is an API Key before proceeding with this guide.

The steps to create a client are:

Navigate to the client creation screen

Depending on if the client you're creating is your first client in the Cornix system, you will be able to create your client in one of two places in the Telegram bot.

1. Creating your first client - When creating your first client, just follow the onboarding process after starting your first conversation with the Cornix trading bot.

2. Creating subsequent clients after the first client - After creating your first client, you will be able to create additional clients by clicking the "Add Another Client" button in the main menu of the bot:

Alternatively, click the "Bot Configuration" button in the main menu, proceed to select the "Clients option" and click on the "Add New Client" button.

Step 1 - Select the exchange

Proceed to select the exchange you wish to trade with. The list shown in the Bot is the updated list of all the exchanges that Cornix currently supports.


In the case of Binance, selecting the Binance option will open an additional menu that will let you choose between Binance Futures, Binance Coins-Futures (Coin-M), and Binance Spot.


Step 2 - Select the client name

In this step, you will be able to choose a name for your new client. This name will be used to identify your client in the bot later.


Step 3 - Provide API key and secret

In this last step of the process, you will need to provide the API key and secret that you generated in your exchange account. These API keys are the way Cornix will later authenticate when trying to communicate with the exchange on your behalf.

The process to generate new API keys is slightly different between the different exchanges, and some exchanges might require you to provide additional details besides the API key and secret. Click here for more information about creating the API keys in different exchanges. Alternatively, the bot will provide you with a link to the specific tutorial for your selected exchange in a button named "How do I create API keys on Binance".

In the case of Binance, you'll be required to insert into your Binance API key the list of Cornix-authorized IPs. You can easily copy the IPs list by clicking on it and pasting it into the list of trusted IPs on Binance API key as described in this article.

Assuming you entered the API information correctly your client should now be created. At that point, you are ready to start trading manually or connecting your client to auto-trading to trade automatically based on group signals.

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