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How to Register to Cornix and Set Your Account
How to Register to Cornix and Set Your Account

How to easily connect your exchange account with Cornix and start trading

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To start the registration process navigate to our Website's registration page and proceed with entering your information as seen below:

Verify Your Email Address

1. Connect Exchange

To connect your desired exchange to Cornix, please select it from the drop-down list. If you have not yet created an account on the exchange, there is a link provided to take you directly to the exchange's website where you can create one.

2. Choose your Trading Method

Please note - you can always change and add additional auto-trading methods after your onboarding!

Choose between a smart DCA Bot or a pick a Signals Group (Channel) to start auto-trading with Cornix.

  1. The DCA Bots method will provide you with the option to follow and activate pre-configured bots that are designed to succeed in various market conditions. The public-proven DCA bots were created by other Cornix users.

  2. The Signals Group method will provide the option to automatically follow expert traders' signal recommendations by following a channel of your choice. Following a signals group will open new trades for you automatically every time a signal is published.

How to connect your Telegram to your Cornix account:

After Choosing your trading method, you will have the option to connect your Telegram/Discord account. Tap here to learn how to do so.

3. Method Settings

Here you will find various options for DCA bots and Signals Groups (Channels) to choose from. You will be able to see, among other data points, the average monthly and total profits of the DCA bots and the number of subscribers, and the average signal posting for a channel. These statistics can help you choose the best option available for you.

4. Overview

Choose the exchange you want to trade with and choose your 'Amount per Trade' configuration.

That's it, you're all set :)

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