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Share and Copy Bots
Share and Copy Bots

Allowing seamless sharing and copying of trading strategies

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The Cornix bots sharing feature allows you to share your favorite trading bots with other Cornix members. The shared bots can be easily copied by other Cornix users, offering the ability to easily create bots that are identical or similar to the original shared bot.

Bot sharing is available for all Cornix bot types, including Signals, Grid, DCA and TradingView bots.

How To Easily Share Your Bot

  1. Navigate to the desired Bots page and identify the bot you wish to share.

  2. Click the actions button and select the “share” option:

    The bot share link will be copied to your clipboard:

  3. Share the link with other Cornix members.

How To Easily Copy A Shared Bot

  1. Click the bot share link provided by the owner of the bot. This will take you to the Cornix website, where you can view general information and statistics about the bot's historical performance.

  2. Cornix will try to select an account that matches the original bot’s exchange. If that exchange is not available or you don’t have enough funds, another account will be selected.

  3. You can view the full original shared bot configuration by clicking the Show Bot Configuration button and edit the bot’s advanced configuration by clicking the Edit Bot button.

  4. After changing any bot parameters or keeping it as it is, click the Create Bot button. In the modal that appears, choose whether to activate the bot immediately or create it in an inactive state. Click save, and your new bot will be created.

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