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The trading configuration allows you to configure a set of personal parameters and strategies that will be used by Cornix when trades are created for you automatically based on signals.

In order to reach the 'Trading Configuration', simply click on one of your connected accounts as seen in the picture below:

Once you click on your desired account, a pop-up window will appear with the 'General' and 'Trading Configuration' tabs. The picture below demonstrates all the available configuration options (Please select the 'Trading Configuration' tab).

* Please note that the articles linked below are intended for configuring through the bot, however, the same concepts apply to the web dashboard.

  • General:

    1. Amount Per Trade determines the default amount that will be used for every trade that is created automatically or using the One-Click follow.

    2. Close Trade on Take-Profit/Stop-loss before Entry, as the name suggests, allows you to choose whether or not you want your automated trades to close when a TP or SL is reached before entering the trade (before any of the entry targets hit).

    3. First Entry Grace Percentage will help you miss fewer signals by allowing you to define a percentage by which to extend the first entry price range, making it more likely that your entry will be filled.

  • Trailing - under this section, you can set your default trailing entry, take-profit, and stop values.

  • Strategies - under this section you can set your Entry and Take-profit strategies. Your selected strategy will determine the percentage of the trade amount that will be bought or sold in each Entry or Take-profit target. For your convenience, Cornix offers a variety of different strategies by default, but you will also be able to create your own custom strategies. In addition, the strategies section will let you set your default number of targets to be used when a signal is posted with an entry zone instead of targets with specific prices.

  • Stop-loss - allows you to determine your default stop-loss value and type, stop limit price reduction (when choosing "limit" type for stop order), and your stop-loss timeout.

  • Margin Section - the margin section will only be visible when the selected client is connected to an exchange that supports margin or futures trading and will allow you to select the default leverage, enable or disable the automated creation of long and short trades, and set "Hedge Mode" or "One-Way Mode" in exchanges that support "Hedge-Mode".

  • Auto-Trading Filters - lastly, under this section you can define a set of rules that will determine the cases where Cornix will filter out signals which will prevent automatic trades from being created in your account. For example, you can filter out signals with specific symbols or pairs, or signals where the symbol price is below a certain threshold.

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